Thursday, March 11, 2010


Wow! What a great turn out today! I will have more details before the end of the weekend, but here is what I would like for you to do between now and Tuesday:

If your time trial was 30:00 or slower today, I would like you to exercise at least twice before practice on Tuesday afternoon. Each time, use a watch and jog/walk for 30 minutes. Work at pacing yourself so that you do not have to walk! I would rather you jog very, very slowly for a longer time than do a sprint/walk pattern!

If your time was between 25:00 and 30:00, I would like you to run 3 miles twice before Tuesday. Do this at an EASY pace. Today was a hard day, and Tuesday will be a hard day, so these are RECOVERY runs. Please listen to me here!

If your time was under 25:00, I would like you to run twice before Tuesday as well. One easy 3 mile run and one easy 4-5 mile run, depending on how much you have been running. As mentioned above, these are recovery runs, so let your body recover! If you are disappointed in your time, pushing yourself hard every time you run is NOT going to make you faster... You have to keep the hard/easy pattern!

Tuesday we will be doing quite a bit of strength and conditioning. I will post descriptions of the exercises this weekend, and you can become familiar with some of them.

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