Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Before I post the spring race schedule, let me remind you that these races are ALL optional. You can run no races, or you can run all races. I hope that you will find a middle ground; It is really not necessary to race every weekend... and it sure can add up!

March 27- Pontotoc Ridge Run Cost: $12 for runners- just sign my name on the form. I think pre-registration needs to be in soon. Contact Lisa Newell if you need a form.

I love this race, and so do my kids. However, there is a fundraiser 5K for my cousin's child the same day in Memphis. I have been obligated to run this one for quite a while now. If you would like to have a day in Memphis, I would love for you to come support Jackson Culley! (He has special needs, but I can't remember the name... the 5K is the Mito What? 5K... I guess other people can't remember either!)

April 10- Children's Mansion 5K or Tupelo Children's Triathlon- I think Roan has forms for the Race, and Yonnea probably has triathlon info

April 17- there is a ladies brunch for homeschool moms--- I hope you take the weekend off and join us! (Yonnea will have the details.) If not, there is a 5K in Amory and one in Holly Springs.

May 1- Coca Cola 10K- This is a 6.2 mile run. I do not feel comfortable encouraging younger and/or beginner runners to do this race. I think 5K is a long enough pounding for their bones and connective tissue. I am not a doctor, nor have I played one on TV, but I ran a lot of miles at a young age... and I feel the effects. (So do all of the members of my h.s. cross country team!)

May 15- Race for Life 5K in New Albany- This is a fundraiser for the New Albany Save a Life. It starts at the fairgrounds, so it can't be as hilly as the Riverfest!

May 22- Tie Dye invitational at Ballard Park. You can register at Healthworks in Tupelo... Race starts at 8:41. Precisely.


  1. The Gumtree is on May 8th, and they have a 2K (one mile fun run).

  2. Oxford Double-Decker 10K on April 24...not sure if they have a fun run. Same disclaimer as for Coca-Cola 10K. :)