Sunday, March 21, 2010


Many of you have not heard my soapbox speech about running shoes... Well, guess what? Now you get to read it! And don't skip over it all, either... I will keep it short!

Running shoes are the one piece of equipment needed for our sport! Keep that in mind when you go shopping for running shoes, because they are an investment. Think of all the money you will save on physical therapy when you do NOT get injured from wearing cheap, worn out shoes!

Really, a runner needs to wear RUNNING shoes. Although the tennis shoes at Shoe Carnival and Payless look like running shoes on the outside, the internal components are different. Please go to a running store and get a good pair of shoes made for RUNNING. You can expect to pay close to $100 for a good pair of adult size running shoes. This can be difficult, especially when you have a large family, but running shoes will help the runner prevent injuries.

Here is the one exception: From what I have read, and even what the guy at Fleet Feet in Memphis told me, younger runners (who are not doing a lot of miles) can get away with a good pair of regular tennis shoes. I would suggest maybe getting a new pair and keeping those reserved only for running in order to make them last a little longer.

When you go to the running store, the sales clerk can help you find shoes that are right for your feet and running style.

This is a sign at Fleet Feet in Memphis! It is important to follow the above rule- get shoes that are best for your style and form!

Finally, running shoes need to be replaced about every 300-500 miles. For advanced runners, this will mean a new pair now, a new pair at the end of June, and a new pair sometime in September or the first of October. Less advanced runners can get away with a new pair now and a new pair at the beginning of cross country in August.

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