Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strength Workout #2

Wooo hooo... You just THOUGHT I had run out of ways to make you sore! Here we go with strength workout #2. We will use #1 and #2 on different weeks just to keep things mixed up a little bit.

This workout is done the same way as #1... there are 3 rounds with 3 exercises in each round. You want a good workout, but don't kill yourself.


1. Dive Bomber Push Ups: Remember these? In a wide leg push-up position, go under the fence and then reverse. Nose, chest, legs... legs, chest, nose. Nothing actually touches the ground, but get it really close!

2. Shoulder raises: Grab a light weight or a can of food. Lift your arms straight out in front, lower, lift them straight out to the side, lower.

3. Lunges: Nothin' better to make a bottom sore! Here are a few things to remember: step WAY out. Your knee should not go over your ankle... it should be closer to a right angle. Your back leg should be as close to straight as possible. Keep your back straight, and do NOT keep your hands on your quads. Keep them on your hips or over your head. Push off that front foot back into a standing position. If these don't get ya.... add weight.


1. Decline Push-ups: Put your feet up on a chair and do push ups. Don't forget to breathe!

2. Chair dips: Get two chairs. Put your hands facing your feet on one chair, and prop your feet up on the other. Lower your body down toward the ground, and then using the strength in your triceps, push yourself back up.

3. Chair pose: Feet together, go down into a deep squat (NOT knee bend... sit that bottom back), and keep your hands in the air alongside your ears. Your back and extended arms should be one straight line.


1. Diamond Push-ups: Or heart-to-heart push-ups. Put your hands in the shape of a diamond. Do push-ups, lowering your chest down almost to your hands, and pushing up using your chest muscles.

2. Squatting Concentration Curls: Put your back up against a wall, grab your weight, and squat way down. Put your elbows in the bends of your knees and do bicep curls.

3. Step Back Lunges: Feet together, this time step BACKWARD into a lunge. Remember the points from last time...


  1. Dear Mrs.Heather,I have not done these yet but we prited them off and i`m going to do them in a minute.I love doing these workouts cuz I love being sore!!!


  2. Mrs. Duley, were do you find all these exercises????

  3. So...Martha,you LIKE bring sore??