Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Strength Workouts and wkout #1

When the workout plan says "Strength Workout #1," you can refer to this post...

There are 3 rounds of three exercises. Beginners can go through the three rounds and just do each exercise once. Intermediate (or beginners who don't get sore or even feel like they got a workout) runners should do round one through twice. Then move on to round two and do it twice... and finally, round three twice. Advanced runners should do each round three times before moving to the next round. **When I say advanced, I mean really advanced. In fact, it would not be a bad idea for everyone to start going through twice. After 2-3 weeks, move on up. I don't want you do get so sore that you can't move!

Each round of exercises works a different muscle group, ending up in a total body workout. I will ask you to do this workout twice a week, plus practice. That will be 3 strength days per week, and I will add in some core workouts as well. DO NOT POO-POO STRENGTH TRAINING!!!!

Seriously, I want you to consider this as important to your training plan, even if you are a fitness runner. Running alone is not best... strength training will make you a better runner!


1. Push ups- place your arms standard width apart, keep your back flat, and keep that bottom out of the air!!! Do between 10-30, depending on how strong you are. You can also set a timer and do as many as you can in 30-40 seconds. If you need to put your knees down, fine. YOU SHOULD FEEL THIS IN YOUR CHEST AND ARMS. When you finish the set, if you aren't a little shaky and weak, you did not work hard enough!!! You will not get stronger if you take the easy way out!

2. Chair Dips- Place two chairs a few feet apart. Put your feet up on one chair and your hands facing forward on the other chair. Lower your bottom down toward the ground, and then use your arm strength to push yourself back up. This should work the back, often flabby part of your arms. Do as many as you can until you fail... or as many as you can in 30-45 seconds. Older boys, if you have a dip bar, just do regular dips.

3. Squat with Calf Raises- Place your feet shoulder width apart. Sit your bottom down, as if you are hovering over a yucky toilet. Keep your heels on the floor! Squeeze your bottom, press through your heels, and stand back up. As you come into standing position, go into a calf raise. 20 reps.

1. Wide Push Ups- Same as before, but this time place your hands pretty wide. You will feel this more in your chest.

2. Side Tri Rise- This is a little difficult to explain in words... Stretch out on the floor on one side. The arm attached to the shoulder on the ground should come across your body and hold the opposite shoulder. The arm attached to the shoulder in the air should be placed on the floor between hip and elbow level. Use that hand to push your entire body into the air. Do this as many times as you can... then switch sides! You should feel this in your triceps.

3. Wall Squat with alternating Leg Raise- Ooohh... what coach wouldn't include some good ole' wall sits in a strength work out! Keep your legs together and your back against a wall. Slide your back down until your quads are parallel with the floor. Ouch! Count to ten. Lift one leg and count to ten. Lower it and count to ten. Lift the other and count to ten. Lower it and count to ten... You should be shaking and not happy with me when this is over! Don't count as quickly as you can! Add a Mississippi after each number!

1. Decline Push Ups- I love those push ups, don't I? This time, keep your arms standard width apart, but put your feet up on a chair. Yikes!

2. Lying Down Tricep Extensions- For this exercise, you will need some type of weight. If you have done the first two rounds properly, you won't need anything very heavy. You can use some little dumbells if you have them, a can of vegetables from the pantry, or anything handy. If your arms are super shaky, you don't have to use any weight at all. Just be sure to SQUEEEEZE at the top! Stretch out flat on your back. Take a weight in each hand and reach your arms straight up to the sky. KEEP YOUR ELBOWS IN THE SAME PLACE... and lower the weights down to your ears. Do this 10-15 times.

3. Skater Squat Reach- Stand on both feet, but put about 80% of your weight on one leg. Do a squat, keeping weight on one leg and stretching the other leg behind you. As you do this, reach way out in front of you. This works on balance as much as strength. Do about 15-20 on one leg, and then switch to the other. Picture yourself as a speed skater while you are doing these. You should feel it in your bottom and your quadriceps.

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