Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 22-27 workouts

Monday- Everyone does Core workout #1

Group 1- 30 minutes. If you have been running 30 minutes without walking (or close to it), this week I want you to work on going a little bit more distance in those 30 minutes. There comes a point where we just have to make ourselves a little uncomfortable and work hard. If this sport were easy, it would be called football or something! :) I am only allowed to go there b/c I am married to a fb coach! :) After this week, I will move you up a group... just be sure you remind me.

Group 2- 2 miles easy

Group 3- 4 miles easy

Group 4- 6 miles if I did not tell you your pace on Tuesday, email me. This is important... faster is not always better!

Group 5- 8 miles (8-8:20 pace)

TUESDAY- Practice, 3:30, Ballard Park XC trail


Group 1, 2, 3- Rest

Group 4, 5- easy 2 for recovery

THURSDAY- Strength workout #1

Group 1- 30 min

Group 2- 2 miles

Group 3- 3 miles

Group 4, 5- 4 miles

FRIDAY- Everyone core workout #1

SATURDAY- PONTOTOC RIDGE RUN 5K.... or 3-5 miles at home

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