Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok, I divided everyone up according to practice last Thursday... THESE ARE NOT SET IN STONE!!! In fact, many of you BETTER be moving up with in the next six weeks! I will tell you when to move up... Be patient, and remember that it is better to take it slowly. We do not want to increase mileage by more than 10% per week! Here are your groups:

Group 1
Shanda Martin, Andy Young, Emily Holder, Miriam Sanders, Margaret Chunn, Nathan Baggett, Mark Chunn, Eryn Sanders, Jonathan Stephens, Carson Mims, Nicholas Massey, Tylan Whitefield, Caleb Cobb, Raeleigh Stephens, Noah Corbin, Macain Chunn, John Nanney, Kelley Crampton, Hannah Gunnells, Richard Gunnells, Becky Payne, Leslie Howe

Group 2
Ashley Holder, Haley Stegall, Claire Newell, Kirsten McAfee, Jessee Nanney, Sarah Gunnells, JP Mims, Tariq Whitefield, Hannah Stegall, Alec McAfee, Mycah Sanders, Scott Stegall, Sarah Duley, Jonathan Crampton, Andrew Snyder

Group 3
Mercy Cobb, Landers Pannell, Logan Chapin, Noelle Cobb, Kendra Sanders, Tyler Cobb, Clay Johnson, Brandon Newell, Cale George

Group 4
Josh Minnis, Olivia Johnson, Julie Johnson, Martha Chunn, Catherine Snyder

Group 5
Forrest Tate

Groups 2-5 will be doing workouts at 80% of current race pace. I will let you know these paces. Each time we race, I will adjust your paces if necessary. For some, this will be speeding up on training runs. For others, this will actually mean slowing down on training runs. THIS IS OK. If you are feeling stubborn or rebellious about slowing down to the pace I specify, please speak to me. I will explain the science behind what we are doing. I am not just making this up... we have a "MASTER PLAN!"

Here are your workouts for the rest of the week:

Wednesday: Everyone does Core Workout #1
Groups 5, 4, and 3- 2 miles easy
Group 2- 1 mile easy
Group 1- no running

Thursday: Everyone does Strength Workout #1
Group 5- 8 miles
Group 4- 6 miles
Groups 3, 2- 2 miles
Group 1- 30 minutes exercise... keep working toward 30 minutes without walking

Friday- OFF

Saturday- Everyone does Core #1
Groups 5, 4, 3- 4 miles
Group 2- 3 miles
Group 1- 30 minutes

Sunday- OFF

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