Sunday, September 26, 2010

BMC XC Meet and this week's schedule

Some of the varsity girls with their first place trophy and Ms. Heather!

Congratulations to these fast girls -- Raeley, Catherine, Olivia, Julie, Martha, Emilee, Danielle, Sarah, Margaret, Kendra, and Haley!

Didn't get a group shot of the JV boys, but those who ran are -- Logan, Clay, Robert, Nathan, and Richard.

This is most of the JV girls -- Lexie, Eryn, Hannah D., Leslie, Hannah S., Belle, Shanda, Mackenzie, Kirsten, and Claire.

Varsity boys -- Nicholas, Forrest, Andy, Landers, Josh, Landers, and Cale.
Message from Ms. Sheri:
BMC XC RACE: Let me begin with a WAY TO GO to everyone but most especially to those varsity girls who finished first as a team. You guys did really well and showed your committment. Keep up the good work! I also want to mention those who really stood out as I watched from the sidelines: Shanda - you pushed and achieved - YES! ; Leslie - your hard work is paying off - You were at the front of the pack! ; Forrest - keep pushing yourself you had a great race today! ; Martha - I'm so glad that you didn't listen to the little voice that wanted you to hold back. You passed that girl and did so well! ; Kirsten - I never saw you look as determined as you did today. I want to see more of that at practice! ; Lexie - I'm glad you stuck it out eventhough you didn't feel well in the beginning of the race. Pre-race jitters are norman, but don't let them hold you back. Now run to win the prize - even if it's uncomfortable.
THIS WEEK: Let's be encouraged that as we keep plugging along through the season we will get out what we put in. If I pour chocolate milk into my cup and then bump into it I would expect chocolate milk down the front of my clothes. If I put all my effort into my practice schedule, I will have resources to call upon on race day. Of course, the opposite is true. If I put nothing in I can get nothing out. I see some on all levels coming to practice to visit with friends. I will not discourage fellowship, but please remember there is a price that will be paid on race day when your mouth is not tired but your legs are falling off. Start this new week by telling yourself you will expect more from yourself. Visit with your friends before and after practice but during practice run as if you are competing for the prize - even if it's uncomfortable. I hear a great quote last week: "What do you do when you're running and it hurts so much?" "I run faster so I'll be finished with the pain sooner." Please notice the speaker did not stop when the going got tough. Instead she got tougher. Step it up Spartans - for yourself and for your team! If you raise the bar you might be surprised at what you can accomplish.
UNION XC RACE: I emailed Coach Johnson at Union to get some specific details but I think the varsity number is actually 8 per team which would change our roster. As soon as I get confirmation I will email the roster to you.
SUNDAY 26th -- OFF
MONDAY 27th -- Saltillo 4pm optional
Varsity - 6 miles (Forrest 6 for you too)
JV - 4 miles
Jr. JV - 4 miles
Fitness - 25 minutes
TUESDAY 28th -- Park along the River 4pm
Varsity - 4x200 w. 90 sec. + 1x1 mile w. 60 sec. (Forrest 2x800 w. 60 sec. anaerobic threshold)
JV - speed workout
Jr. JV - 3 miles
Fitness - 25 minutes
WEDNESDAY 29th -- Everyone off (YOU TOO FORREST)
THURSDAY 30th -- Ballard Park 4pm
Varsity - 5 miles (Forrest 6 miles)
JV - 3 miles
Jr. JV - 3 miles
Fitness - 25 minutes
Forrest - 4 miles
Everyone else rest
UNION XC Varsity and JV or Corinth 5K or run 30 minutes

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept. 19 thru Sept. 25 Schedule


Way to Go: I am so proud of everyone who ran at Saltillo on Saturday. Whether you won a t-shirt or not, there are many things to be proud of. We had some PR's, some amazing time being sliced off - go Andy Young!, great team efforts and a general showing of good sportsmanship. I was so bummed I could not be there, but I have heard endless good reports of great running, cheering, smiles and perserverance. I am so proud of all the jv and varsity runners. But...let's not stop there!

This Week: Our focus word is commitment. Are you commited to making this running season your best yet? Are you commited to running for the team? Are you commited to finishing a 5K without walking? Are you commited to striving forward? If you're ready to commit then I'm ready to push you on to excellence. Priority #1 - Answer this question honestly - Are you running the schedule on all assigned days? If you are then go one step further... are you running all days to the best of your ability? That's for you to ponder and answer this week. I see some struggling to get 3 miles done at practice and I know it's because you're not committing yourself to your training. It's not too late to get in the game and get serious. Only you can do this for yourself, but I look forward to seeing legs that are ready and minds that are set on running for the goal.

Remember: I heard a story of the gentleman who held the record for under a four minute mile. When asked how he succeeded he said the other runners around him seemed to be focused on getting to the yellow tape at the end of the race. His strategy was a bit different. He said he didn't focus on the tape but running through the tape by several hundred feet. Establish your goal for this week and run PAST your comfort zone. No one can do it for you!

Groups: I will probably change some grouping again this week as some have expressed the interest to move out of fitness and into a regular group and some want to compete with jv. We'll probably go over this on Tuesday so stick with your present group until then.


Money needs to be paid to Lynn Mims for Saturday's BMC race.

Sunday Sept. 19 -- off

Monday Sept. 20 -- Optional practice 4pm at Saltillo
Group 1 -- 8 miles
Group 2 -- 5 miles
Group 3 -- 4 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 4 miles
Group 6 -- 20 minutes

Heather will email directions -- and team pictures have been canceled until next week.
Group 1 -- 5 mi. con. (7) anaerobic threshold
Group 2 -- 3 mi. cont. (6)
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes

Wednesday Sept 22.
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2 -- 3 miles
Group 3-6 rest

Thursday Sept. 23 -- 4pm at Ballard Park
Group 1 -- 6 miles
Group 2 -- 5 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes

Friday Sept 24
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2-6 rest

Saturday Sept 25 -- BMC XC followed by 2 mile open race,
If you are not attending the race then run for 30 minutes.

The Saltillo XC Meet -- Fantabulous!!

All four teams ran very well on Saturday and we took many fabulous pictures, but this picture is the best, BY FAR, of the day's events.

Catherine just barely edged out this competitor at the very lasy possible second. And this is why you don't stop or slow down until they grab you. This week's schedule will be posted soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 12 through Sept. 16 Schedule

Message from Roan: Thursday's Practice Location is yet to be determined!!
Watch your emails for the location!! It will either be at Saltillo High School or at Ballard Park.
If you, your child or anyone in your family plans to run the 2 mile race at Blue Mountain College (Sept. 25) after the XC meet, (This is for the non XC team people), Heather would like for you to preregister...This can be taken care of some time before Sept. 23rd. I am going to give Lynn a form where you will fill out your name and age, and she will collect your $8 per runner. You can still register at BMC the morning of the race, but it will be nice if as many as you can, go ahead and preregister.
Remember, the $5 per runner is due this week, no later than Thursday for the Saltillo XC meet. This fee is for the 7-12th grade XC runners only. The other races will cost $3, $5, and $5. If you want to go ahead and pay Lynn for all 4 meets ($18), feel free to do so.
I am still waiting for the arrival of our XC uniforms. I hope to bring them to practice either Tuesday or Thursday.
Message from Sheri:
Summary: I'm very pleased with the race results and the overall effort shown at the Sherman day 5K. Now that we are into the season for a few weeks it is great to see a few PRs. If you hit your PR (personal record) then way to go! Now is the time to set a new goal. Take me up on the challenge and PR your PR! If your results were less than desired you need to push that race behind you and tackle this week with gusto. Don't use excuses - move forward. I can't do the work for you - you've got to do the work to get the results.
Don't Forget: We will practice our crunches and push ups for 2 more weeks before the contest.
REMINDER: Hydration is still important even as the weather gets a bit cooler (sort of), so keeping drinking that H2O.
Side Note: I've rearranged some groups as some people have had stellar performances. If you feel you are in the wrong group please email me or see me at practice.
Looking forward to: Our first cross country race in Saltillo this Saturday. Remember you're running for your team!
Group 1 -- Forrest
Group 2 -- Julie, Olivia, Danielle, Catherine, Martha, Kendra, Andy, Logan, Cale, Josh, Nicholas, Jesse, John, and Landers
Group 3 -- Robert, Sarah G., Margaret, Lexie, Emilee, Haley, Hannah S., Nathan, Becky, Raeley, Ryan, Jonathan S., Thomas
Group 4 -- Richard, Anna Beth, Kirsten, Shanda, Belle, Leslie, Hannah G., Claire, Hannah D., Zachary, Mackenzie
Group 5 -- Mercy, Noelle, Tyler, Caleb, Joseph, Clay, Parker, Carson, Brandon, Mark, Macain, Alec, Eryn, Mycah, Scott, Sarah D., Andrew S., Jonathan C.
Group 6 -- Mae, Noah, Maggie, Shelby, Chandler, Weston, Chow, Will, Josh, Andrew, Precious
MONDAY -- Optional Practice 4pm at Saltillo (LR Steady)
Group 1 -- 7 miles
Group 2 -- 4 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 4 miles
Group 6 -- 20 minutes
TUESDAY -- Practice 4pm at the Park Along the River in NA (Speedwork)
Group 1 -- 4x200 90 sec rec + 4x1mi 60 sec rec
Group 2 -- 4x200 90 sec rec + 3x1mi +60 sec rec
Group 3 -- 3 miles Fartlek
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles Fartlek
Group 6 -- 25 minutes
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2 -- 3 miles
Everyone else off
THURSDAY -- Practice 4pm place to be announced
Group 1 -- 6 miles
Group 2 -- 5 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2 -- 2 miles
Everyone else off
Saltillo XC race -- GO SPARTANS!!
If you are not running the race do 30 minutes of running.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Great Race Day at Sherman 5K

We had a great Spartan turnout for this race on a warm September morning. We had lots of young kids, varsity kids, and several parents participate and take home medals.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Upcoming Week's Schedule 9/5-9/11

MY GOAL THIS WEEK: ___________________________________________
Pick a goal that is realistic and measurable. Getting up early is not measurable. You need to say, "I will be out of bed by 7am without my mother reminding me." This is measurable and a great goal.

HEALTH TIP: Drink at least one cup of chocolate milk this week. It is the perfect mixture of carbs and proteins and great for muscle recovery.

CORE WORK: You should be doing crunches and pushups everyday. We will be having a Nestle's Crunch (crunch) contest and 7Up (pushup) contest in the upcoming weeks. The best way to get ready would be to do as many crunches and pushups as you can in 1 minute everyday.

WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR THIS WEEK: We are a few weeks into the season now and if you have been practicing self-discipline then you have been at practice and have followed the schedule on your own. Therefore, there should be no-one walking in any group except group 6. I want to encourage you that if you get a cramp or side stictch you can slow down while continuing, but you don't need to stop and walk. Set your goal high and you will achieve it.

GREAT PROGRESS: There were several of you who did a great job last week, but a few really stand out as giving a 100% effort. I want to tell you I'm proud of you in case I didn't get to say it at practice. Thanks to John Nanney, Kendra Sanders, Emilee Holder, Nathan Baggett, Shanda Martin, and Chow Moeller. Keep up the Great work!

Sunday (9/5) -- rest

Monday (9/6) -- NO practice held in Saltillo due to Labor Day -- steady long run
Group 1 -- 8 miles
Group 2 -- 4 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 4 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes run/walk

Tuesday (9/7) -- NA Sportsplex 4 pm (speedwork)
Group 1 -- 4x200/90 sec. rec. + 4x1 mile/60 sec. rec.
Group 2 -- 3x1 mile/60 sec. rec. + 4x200/90 sec. rec.
Group 3 -- 3 miles fartlek
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles fartlek
Group 6 -- 25 minutes run/walk

Wednesday (9/8) -- easy
Group 1 -- 3 miles
Group 2 -- 3 miles
Group 3, 4, 5, 6 -- off

Thursday (9/9) -- Ballard Park 4 pm (medium)
Group 1 -- 5 miles
Group 2 -- 4 miles
Group 3 -- 4 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes run/walk

Friday (9/10)
Group 1 -- 3 miles
Groups 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -- off

Saturday (9/11)
Sherman Day 5K. Race starts at 8am. If not racing, run for 30 minutes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

BMC Topper Day 5K and Upcoming Week Plan

We had a beautiful morning for a run and a great SPARTAN group of participants.

Female 0-9 winners

Male 0-9 winners

Female 10-14 winners

Male 10-14 winners

Female 15-19 winners

Overall Male Finisher -- Way to go Forrest!!
Great opening race for Team Spartan!
Mail in Sherman 5K forms by Sept. 2 to receive discount. Email Roan Johnson with participants for Saltillo XC meet by Aug. 29. We will have male and female varsity and junior varsity teams participating in this event. It is a great spectator sport for those who do not have runners in these categories, so come out and cheer on your fellow Spartans!!
Aug. 29 -- Sept. 4 Workout schedule
Sunday (8/29) -- OFF
Monday (8/30) -- long steady run as follows (optional practice location 4 pm Saltillo City Park)
Group 1 -- 7 miles (+100 crunches x 2 sets +50 pushups x 2 sets)
Group 2 -- 4 miles (+50 crunches x 2 sets + 25 pushups x 2 sets)
Group 3, 4 -- 3 miles (+20 crunches + 10 pushups)
Group 5 -- 4 miles (+20 crunches x 2 sets + 10 pushups x 3 sets)
Group 6 -- 20 minutes run/walk (+10 crunches +10 pushups)
Tuesday (8/31) -- speed work at New Albany High School Track at 4 pm
Group 1 -- anaerobic threshold
Group 2 -- 3x1 mile/60 sec. recovery +4x200/90 sec. recovery
Group 3 -- 3 miles (Team Captain for the day - Margaret Chunn)
Group 4 -- 3 miles (Timer + Motivator Ms. Erica Young)
Group 5 -- 1 mile + 4x200/2 min. recovery + 1 mile (Team Captain-- John Parker Mims)
Group 6 -- 20 minutes run/walk (Timer + Motivator Ms. Julie McAfee
Wednesday (9/1) -- easier than Tuesday's speedwork but not too easy (on your own)
Group 1 -- 3 miles (+100 crunches x 2 sets +50 pushups x 2 sets)
Group 2 -- 3 miles (+50 crunches x 2 sets +25 pushups x 2 sets)
Group 3 -- 3 miles (+20 crunches +10 pushups)
Group 4 -- 2 miles (+20 crunches +10 pushups)
Group 5 -- 3 miles (+20 crunches x 2 sets +10 pushups x 3 sets)
Group 6 -- 20 minutes run/walk (+10 crunches +10 pushups)
Thursday (9/2) -- Fartlek and hillwork at Ballard Park at 4 pm
Group 1 -- 6 miles + 6 hills (Partner work with group 3)
Group 2 -- 6 miles + 4 hills (Partner work with group 3)
Group 3 -- 4 miles + 3 hills (Partner work with groups 1 & 2)
Group 4 -- 3 miles + 2 hills (Timer + Motivator Ms. Erica)(Partner work with group 5)
Group 5 -- 4 miles + 3 hills (Partner work with group 4)
Group 6 -- 20 minutes run/walk + 2 hills (Timer + Motivator Ms. Julie McAfee)
Friday (9/3) -- Rest day for everyone except group 1 runs 3 miles
Saturday (9/4) -- Long run followed by strides (on your own)
Group 1 -- 6 miles + 6 strides (see below for instructions)
Group 2 -- 5 miles + 5 strides (see below for instructions)
Group 3, 4, 5 -- 3 miles + 3 strides (see below for instructions)
Group 6 -- 20 minutes run/walk
Striders -- start with 30 seconds then decrease by 5 seconds each time with a 30 second rest between each

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spartan Practice and Pizza Party

Some pictures from today's practice.

The boys cheer their team on in the crunches relay race.

The girls gave it their all, but came up one short in the end.

We ate pizza after practice and we sure had a bunch of pizzas.

Hot and fresh -- YUM!

Spartans eating pizza together. Lots of fun!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We will be having a pizza party after practice this Thursday, August 26, at Ballard Park, This will be a time of fun and fellowship for the runners (and the families too) and will serve as a "Kick-Off" for our season. Ginger Nanney will be taking your family's pizza order at the very beginning of practice. She will be ordering the $6 pizzas from Little Caesar's, and she will pick them up and bring them to us at the end of our practice. Please bring your $6 per pizza that you want to order, and also bring drinks for your family.

We need some moms to volunteer to bring the following items for our pizza party:
GermX, paper plates, paper towels or napkins.


Practice Schedule

Mondays -- Saltillo City Park (optional practice)

Tuesdays -- NAHS track (except for Sept. 7, Sept. 21, and Oct. 12 -- these days practice will be at New Albany Sportsplex, park near the bridge that goes under Hwy. 78)

Thursdays -- Ballard Park in Tupelo

All practices will begin at 4:00 and last until 5:15 or 5:30. Please be ready to BEGIN running at 4:00 sharp. Remember, the competitive XC runners are required to attend both Tuesday and Thursday practices. The fitness runners are required to attend only one of these.

Team Info

Group 1 -- Forrest Tate

Group 2 -- Danielle Cobb, Olivia Johnson, Julie Johnson, Catherine Snyder, Martha Chunn, Andy Young, Logan Chapin, Cale George, Josh Minnis, Nicholas Massey, Jesse Nanney, John Nanney, Landers Pannell

Group 3 -- Robert Stevens, Sarah Gunnells, Margaret Chunn, Lexie Young, Emilee Holder, Haley Stegall, Hannah Stegall, Kendra Sanders

Group 4 -- Nathan Baggett, Tylan Whitfield, Tariq Whitfield, Richard Gunnells, Anna Beth Blassingame, Raeley Stevens, Kirsten McAfee, Shanda Martin, Belle Massey, Mackenzie Barnes, Leslie Howe, Hannah Gunnells, Claire Newell, Hannah Duley, Kelle Crampton, Zachary Tann, Becky Payne

Group 5 -- Mercy Cobb, Noelle Cobb, Tyler Cobb, Caleb Cobb, Joseph Cobb, Clay Johnson, John Parker Mims, Carson Mims, Brandon Newell, Mark Chunn, Macain Chunn, Alec McAfee, Eryn Sanders, Mycah Sanders, Scott Stegall, Sarah Duley, Andrew Snyder, Jonathan Crampton

Group 6 -- Mae Barnes, Noah Barnes, Maggie Gunnells, Ryan Hall, Shelby Hatfield, Chandler Hula, Weston Johnson, Samuel "Chow" Moeller, Will Duley, Josh Duley, Jonathan Stevens, Thomas Tate, Andrew Williams, Precious Hill

Monday (Aug. 23-28)
Group 1 -- 5miles
Group 2, 3, 5 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 6 -- 15 min. run/walk

Group 1, 2 -- 4 mile cont. (6 total)
Group 3 -- 3 mile cont. (4 total)
Group 4 -- 2 mile cont. (2 total)
Group 5 -- 2 mile cont. (3 total)
Group 6 -- 15 min. run/walk

Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2, 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4, 5, 6 -- rest day

Group 1 -- 5 miles and strides
Group 2, 3 -- 4 miles and strides
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles and strides
Group 6 -- 15 min. run/walk
PIZZA PARTY after practice

Group 1 -- 3 miles
Group 2 -- 2 miles
Group 3, 4, 5, 6 -- rest day

Topper 5K for all groups ( 30 minutes if not doing 5K, except group 6 -- do 15 min. run/walk)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saltillo Meet

Woo Hoo! Coach Covington is going to let the Spartans run as unattached individuals! We can not run as a team, but he will let us participate on our own! Hooray for Coach Covington!

Monday, July 12, 2010

First Practice!!!

Our first practice and sign up day will be 4:00, August 10th at Veteran's Park. Bring towels for the splash pad!

This will be our registration day... Come prepared to fill out forms, sign waivers, pay registration fee, and order uniforms or T-shirts.

Registration is $25 per runner. This does not include a t-shirt this year. We will do that separately. If you need to work something out about the registration, please let me know. Also, PLEASE do not let the registration keep you from running! This is something that was suggested a few years ago to help compensate for gas and race fees for our family... I would rather have you participate than not b/c of money!

We will not have practice Thursday, August 12.

Tuesday August 17th will begin our season. Tuesdays will be in New Albany, and Thursdays will be in Tupelo. Both practices will begin at 4:00. It is still VERY, VERY hot at 4:00 in August. Runners MUST make sure to drink water during the day!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BMC Camp

Thanks to all of the Spartans who came to the BMC running camp this summer!
Pictured are the Spartans who came to camp, minus the Johnson girls, who had to miss on Friday!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Wow, it's time to start making some definite plans for camp! Here are the details you have been waiting for... schedule and list of what to bring!

Deposits need to be mailed or turned in to Lynn Mims by JULY 20th!!! FOR SURE... this is our grocery shopping money, so please be punctual about this! Balance due is $35, and if parents are coming, $35 per half of the week you are staying would be great.

The schedule (this is not set in stone... ) is as follows:

BOYS check in and settle in at the campground beginning at 6:00. We will not be serving dinner on Sunday night... You will need to eat before you get there!
8:00 Snack and introduction session 1 Basics of Training/ XC intro (Brownie Sundaes)
9:00 Games
10:00 Lights out

Monday and Tuesday:
7:00 Rise and Shine, have a banana
7:30 Run, core workout
8:30 Breakfast, clean up
9:15 Session 2 (Strength Training), 4 (Importance of Team- Coach Hall)
10:30 Activity in the park
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Session 3 (Nutrition, External Factors)), 5 (Next Level- Coach Brown)
2:00 Strength Training
3:00 Water Games
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Recreation with Mrs. Dorothy
8:00 Dessert/showers/ wind down activity
9:30 Devotion
10:00 Lights out

6:00 Rise and Shine!
6:30 Run
7:30 Breakfast/ begin clean up & packing
9:15 Session 6 (Lou Remmers/ Stretching)
10:15 Swim
11:00 Girls arrive!
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Session 1 with girls
2:30 Strength Training
3:30 Swim
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Run and then recreation with Mrs. Dorothy
8:00 Dessert/ Showers wind down activity
9:30 Devotion
10:00 Lights out

Thursday and Friday:
7:00 Rise and Shine, have a banana
7:30 Run, core workout
8:30 Breakfast, clean up
9:15 Session 2,4
10:30 Activity in the park
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Session 3,5
2:00 Strength Training
3:00 Water Games
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Recreation with Mrs. Dorothy
8:00 Dessert/showers/ wind down activity
9:30 Devotion
10:00 Lights out

7:00 Rise and Shine
7:30 Run
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Session 6
9:45 Clean up, pack up
11-12 Parents arrive

Clothes for each day
Running clothes for each day
Socks & Unders
Running Shoes
Flip flops for shower
Swim suit (Girls- modest one piece)
Swim towel
Bath towel
Toiletries (you need your own shampoo, soap, etc)
Sheets, blanket, and pillow
Pen and paper
Board games
Bug Spray
?? Am I forgetting something?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strength Training.. New Wkouts

It is already July! The summer will be over before we know it... I hope my varsity runners have been running!!!

I am going to change some strength training on you all. I have been studying about strength training and running specific exercises. BMC has changed to this strength program, and I want the Spartans to switch to it as well.

You do not need a lot of weight for this... it is mostly body weight stuff. However, when you see the guy holding a ball, you can use either a weighted kettle bell, medicine ball, dumbell, gallon jug... whatever!

Do exercises 1-11 through, and then do 1-11 through a second time. (two sets) Next, move on to exercises 12-22 and do this one time through.

This workout should be done twice a week, preferably Monday and Thursday.

1. Twist and Chop- 20-25 reps on each side

2. Crunch 30-50 reps (You know what a good crunch is! I didn't include pictures for this one!)

3. Lunge and Touch 12-15 reps (Lunge from center out to one side and back to center. Repeat with the other leg. That equals 1 rep.)
4. Super man 20-30 reps (just like at practice)

5. Push Up 20-30 reps. Keep your back flat and press deep into the exercise! Good form!

6. One-Legged squat 20-30 reps. Pay attention to the picture! You need to hop way on out, farther than you think is comfortable in order to keep that knee in line with your ankle.
7. Upright Row 20 reps (You can use an elastic band or some dumbells)
8. Step ups 20-25 reps (pretty self explanatory... check out the picture!)
(and then step all the way up on the box... just can't find that picture!)

9. Tricep Push Up 20-30 reps (also known as sissy dips)

10. One legged Hip extension 20 reps (These are not hard, but they will help strengthen your hips... don't skip these!) If they are too hard at first, you can put both feet down on the bench.
11. Running Arms (30 seconds)


12. Push Ups (20-30 reps)

13. Body Weight Squat or Overhead Squat 20-30 reps
14. Alternating Leg Lunge 12-15 each leg
15. Lateral Lunge 12-15 each side (Lunge from center out to one side and back to center. Repeat on other side)

16. Reverse Lunge 12-15 reps each leg

17. Donkey Kicks 12-15 reps each leg

18. Fire Hydrants 12-15 reps each leg (On all fours, raise one leg out to the side and parallel to the floor... just like a dog and a fire hydrant... hence the name)

19. Side Lateral Raise 12-15 reps each leg
20. Pillar sequence (face down, on 1 side, face up, on other side... 20 sec. each exercise)

21. Alternate Superman 12 reps each leg (hold 20 seconds each postition)

22. Crunch 30-50 reps