Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Core Workout #1

Core work is a vital part of strength training... do not skip it! Hey, you might even get some nice abs as a result!

I will have core work on the schedule twice per week. The core workouts will involve 10 exercises for 30-45 seconds each. We will start out at 30 seconds and move towards 45. When you do the math, you will realize that we are talking only 5-10 minutes here... you can squeeze it in!

Here we go...

1. Bicycle- Sit on the ground, back upright and hands beside you on the ground. Work your legs like you are pedaling a bike. You will probably feel this in your quads more than your stomach. Be sure you hold your stomach tight while you do this. (Don't forget to breathe!)

2. Crunchy Frog- Sit on your bottom. Lean back a little, open your arms out, and lift your legs off the ground. Pull your knees in and bring your arms to your knees. Open back out, pull everything back in....

3. V-up sit ups, alternating reach. Flat on your back, spread your legs into a narrow V shape. Put one hand behind your head and the other hand straight up in the air. Take the hand in the air and reach straight up into a sit up. Lower yourself slowly, and then switch which hand goes behind your head. Continue torturing yourself in this manner.

4. Plank on Elbows- Put both elbows on ground and stretch out your legs behind you. Here's the trick... YOUR BACK SHOULD BE NICE AND FLAT. Squeeze your stomach and hold this position for 30 seconds.

5. Crunches- Just regular crunches. Keep your face parallel to the sky, and lift with your core. Do not muscle your way off the ground using your shoulders or your neck!

6. Climb your leg- 30 seconds each leg- Lay flat on your back, with one leg straight up in the air. Alternating hands, climb up your leg!

7. Superman- Flop over onto your stomach. Reach your arms straight out in front of you. Lift your arms and legs off the ground. Hold this position about 3 seconds and then lower. Rest one second, and then lift again and hold for 3 seconds.

8. Pike- Switch over to your back. Reach your arms out straight over your head, so they are touching the ground also. Lift your legs and your arms, pulling your shoulders off the ground, and try to meet in the middle. You have to really work that core to do these well! If you can't get all the way up at first, keep working at it!

9. Hip Rock N Raise- Rest flat on your back. Pull your heels in like you are going to do the butterfly stretch. Keep your feet attached together and lift your feet to the sky... your hips will come off the ground as well. This works the lower part of your abs. Squeeze on the way up!

10. Hip dips on steps- Stand on a step of some sort. Lower one leg down toward the ground or step below. Use your hip to raise your foot back up to the step. Do 25 reps on one side, turn around, and do 25 reps on the other side.


  1. Dear Mrs. Heather,
    Margaret and I did all of the workouts,they were fun!!! My abbs will be sore tomorrow!!!LOL!Thanks!!!


  2. Hey Coach!Your workouts were tough,but fun!Thanks,you are such a motavation.