Thursday, March 11, 2010

Choosing Your Workout

Each week I am going to be posting 3-4 workouts. You need to be REALISTIC about which workout you pick. Remember, the point of our spring training is to prepare us for summer workouts by building up SLOWLY.

It is NEVER appropriate to play "catch up" by doubling up on workouts or increasing mileage too much!

Before you skip to the groupings, please read this carefully. There are Between 50-100 Spartan runners of all ages and fitness levels. There is no way I can definitively place everyone in one of three or four categories. There will be runners who fall in the middle of these groups. I am giving my permission to adapt the mileage for those runners. HOWEVER, please speak with me before you do this. I will work with you and give you a method for changing around the workouts. I do not want kids to end up injured, overtrained, or running more than I feel comfortable with. Parents make final decisions, but I would like to at least offer my opinion. The groups will be labeled as follows:

Beginners:Runners who are just starting to train for the first time. OR, runners who just want to get some exercise/ PE (who have not been doing any training since last XC season).

Intermediate: Runners who have run in the past, and runners who have done at least a little bit since last XC season. Intermediate runners have the option of starting in the Beginner category and just moving up a little bit quicker, depending on the fitness level. Runners in grades K-5 should be in Beginner or Intermediate.

JV: Runners in grades 6-12 who have actually been following the training plan and running several days per week!

Varsity: Runners in grades 8-12 who have been following the advanced training plan and really consistent in training. This is for those who have a good base of training already.

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