Monday, July 12, 2010

First Practice!!!

Our first practice and sign up day will be 4:00, August 10th at Veteran's Park. Bring towels for the splash pad!

This will be our registration day... Come prepared to fill out forms, sign waivers, pay registration fee, and order uniforms or T-shirts.

Registration is $25 per runner. This does not include a t-shirt this year. We will do that separately. If you need to work something out about the registration, please let me know. Also, PLEASE do not let the registration keep you from running! This is something that was suggested a few years ago to help compensate for gas and race fees for our family... I would rather have you participate than not b/c of money!

We will not have practice Thursday, August 12.

Tuesday August 17th will begin our season. Tuesdays will be in New Albany, and Thursdays will be in Tupelo. Both practices will begin at 4:00. It is still VERY, VERY hot at 4:00 in August. Runners MUST make sure to drink water during the day!

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