Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 12 through Sept. 16 Schedule

Message from Roan: Thursday's Practice Location is yet to be determined!!
Watch your emails for the location!! It will either be at Saltillo High School or at Ballard Park.
If you, your child or anyone in your family plans to run the 2 mile race at Blue Mountain College (Sept. 25) after the XC meet, (This is for the non XC team people), Heather would like for you to preregister...This can be taken care of some time before Sept. 23rd. I am going to give Lynn a form where you will fill out your name and age, and she will collect your $8 per runner. You can still register at BMC the morning of the race, but it will be nice if as many as you can, go ahead and preregister.
Remember, the $5 per runner is due this week, no later than Thursday for the Saltillo XC meet. This fee is for the 7-12th grade XC runners only. The other races will cost $3, $5, and $5. If you want to go ahead and pay Lynn for all 4 meets ($18), feel free to do so.
I am still waiting for the arrival of our XC uniforms. I hope to bring them to practice either Tuesday or Thursday.
Message from Sheri:
Summary: I'm very pleased with the race results and the overall effort shown at the Sherman day 5K. Now that we are into the season for a few weeks it is great to see a few PRs. If you hit your PR (personal record) then way to go! Now is the time to set a new goal. Take me up on the challenge and PR your PR! If your results were less than desired you need to push that race behind you and tackle this week with gusto. Don't use excuses - move forward. I can't do the work for you - you've got to do the work to get the results.
Don't Forget: We will practice our crunches and push ups for 2 more weeks before the contest.
REMINDER: Hydration is still important even as the weather gets a bit cooler (sort of), so keeping drinking that H2O.
Side Note: I've rearranged some groups as some people have had stellar performances. If you feel you are in the wrong group please email me or see me at practice.
Looking forward to: Our first cross country race in Saltillo this Saturday. Remember you're running for your team!
Group 1 -- Forrest
Group 2 -- Julie, Olivia, Danielle, Catherine, Martha, Kendra, Andy, Logan, Cale, Josh, Nicholas, Jesse, John, and Landers
Group 3 -- Robert, Sarah G., Margaret, Lexie, Emilee, Haley, Hannah S., Nathan, Becky, Raeley, Ryan, Jonathan S., Thomas
Group 4 -- Richard, Anna Beth, Kirsten, Shanda, Belle, Leslie, Hannah G., Claire, Hannah D., Zachary, Mackenzie
Group 5 -- Mercy, Noelle, Tyler, Caleb, Joseph, Clay, Parker, Carson, Brandon, Mark, Macain, Alec, Eryn, Mycah, Scott, Sarah D., Andrew S., Jonathan C.
Group 6 -- Mae, Noah, Maggie, Shelby, Chandler, Weston, Chow, Will, Josh, Andrew, Precious
MONDAY -- Optional Practice 4pm at Saltillo (LR Steady)
Group 1 -- 7 miles
Group 2 -- 4 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 3 miles
Group 5 -- 4 miles
Group 6 -- 20 minutes
TUESDAY -- Practice 4pm at the Park Along the River in NA (Speedwork)
Group 1 -- 4x200 90 sec rec + 4x1mi 60 sec rec
Group 2 -- 4x200 90 sec rec + 3x1mi +60 sec rec
Group 3 -- 3 miles Fartlek
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles Fartlek
Group 6 -- 25 minutes
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2 -- 3 miles
Everyone else off
THURSDAY -- Practice 4pm place to be announced
Group 1 -- 6 miles
Group 2 -- 5 miles
Group 3 -- 3 miles
Group 4 -- 2 miles
Group 5 -- 3 miles
Group 6 -- 25 minutes
Group 1 -- 4 miles
Group 2 -- 2 miles
Everyone else off
Saltillo XC race -- GO SPARTANS!!
If you are not running the race do 30 minutes of running.

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