Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strength Training.. New Wkouts

It is already July! The summer will be over before we know it... I hope my varsity runners have been running!!!

I am going to change some strength training on you all. I have been studying about strength training and running specific exercises. BMC has changed to this strength program, and I want the Spartans to switch to it as well.

You do not need a lot of weight for this... it is mostly body weight stuff. However, when you see the guy holding a ball, you can use either a weighted kettle bell, medicine ball, dumbell, gallon jug... whatever!

Do exercises 1-11 through, and then do 1-11 through a second time. (two sets) Next, move on to exercises 12-22 and do this one time through.

This workout should be done twice a week, preferably Monday and Thursday.

1. Twist and Chop- 20-25 reps on each side

2. Crunch 30-50 reps (You know what a good crunch is! I didn't include pictures for this one!)

3. Lunge and Touch 12-15 reps (Lunge from center out to one side and back to center. Repeat with the other leg. That equals 1 rep.)
4. Super man 20-30 reps (just like at practice)

5. Push Up 20-30 reps. Keep your back flat and press deep into the exercise! Good form!

6. One-Legged squat 20-30 reps. Pay attention to the picture! You need to hop way on out, farther than you think is comfortable in order to keep that knee in line with your ankle.
7. Upright Row 20 reps (You can use an elastic band or some dumbells)
8. Step ups 20-25 reps (pretty self explanatory... check out the picture!)
(and then step all the way up on the box... just can't find that picture!)

9. Tricep Push Up 20-30 reps (also known as sissy dips)

10. One legged Hip extension 20 reps (These are not hard, but they will help strengthen your hips... don't skip these!) If they are too hard at first, you can put both feet down on the bench.
11. Running Arms (30 seconds)


12. Push Ups (20-30 reps)

13. Body Weight Squat or Overhead Squat 20-30 reps
14. Alternating Leg Lunge 12-15 each leg
15. Lateral Lunge 12-15 each side (Lunge from center out to one side and back to center. Repeat on other side)

16. Reverse Lunge 12-15 reps each leg

17. Donkey Kicks 12-15 reps each leg

18. Fire Hydrants 12-15 reps each leg (On all fours, raise one leg out to the side and parallel to the floor... just like a dog and a fire hydrant... hence the name)

19. Side Lateral Raise 12-15 reps each leg
20. Pillar sequence (face down, on 1 side, face up, on other side... 20 sec. each exercise)

21. Alternate Superman 12 reps each leg (hold 20 seconds each postition)

22. Crunch 30-50 reps

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