Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Week

Wow, y'all! I is already the last week in April! We are going to spend the month of May getting group 3 and the older runners in group 2 caught up to group 4. Then, we will be ready to begin our summer training program!

Don't forget that camp deposits are due this Tuesday or Next Tuesday. If you need a few weeks on the money, I understand... but please let me know, so that I can plan for your child to come.

Boys are going to get the first half of the week- Sunday late afternoon through Wednesday. Girls will arrive on Wednesday and stay through Saturday. (Wednesday will be a partially shared day.)

Group 1- 30 minutes
Group 2- 3 miles
Group 3- 4 miles
Group 4- 5 miles
Group 5- 7 miles

Tuesday- 3:30 practice at Ballard Park
***REMEMBER*** If you can go to Chick Fil-A after practice, tell them you are there for BMC Spirit Night- They will give 20% of your order towards the BMC cross country trails.

OK, so it is now Thursday, and I am just now updating this!!! I am so sorry!

Today, I want groups 1-3 to run 30 minutes, and Groups 4-5 to run 4 miles easy. Do your strength training workout today!

Friday is a rest day... Unless you are running the 5K Friday night.

Saturday is a long run day- Many are doing the Coke 10K.
If you ran Friday night, do 20 minutes easy.

If you are NOT running Friday night or the Coke 10K, then on Saturday I would like you to run between 3-6 miles, depending on your group and how you feel. (Groups 1-3 no more than 4 miles.)

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