Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 5-10 Workouts

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful opportunity to worship the risen Savior this morning! I am sorry that I did not get to this sooner this afternoon.

Cale and Zack- you are still in group 3... I told you wrong last week.

Here we go... You will notice that everyone is increasing in mileage just a bit. We are only increasing our total by 10%... a good, safe amount. Any more than that puts us in the realm of heading toward injury! Varsity boys will top out this summer up close to 50 miles per week, and varsity girls will wind up around 40! Going into the season, we will back off the mileage just a bit and add in our race specific work. Be patient, follow instructions, and remember that there is a plan behind this!

BTW, my goal for group 1 is two-fold. I would like this group to get up to 30 minutes without walking. Also, I would like for group 1 to be able to run 3 miles in this 30 minutes of exercise. So, the reasoning would be to run continuously for 30 minutes (gradually phasing out the walking breaks), and then start speeding up the pace until you can complete a 5K in this time frame. I am already seeing progress- Great job, everyone!

This weekend, April 10, is the Mansion 5K. This is a flat course around the mall... great for running a fast time! The cost is a little high ($25), but it is for a good cause. You can register online... just go to

Monday: Everyone does core workout #1
Group 1- Exercise 30 minutes
Group 2-3 miles
Group 3-4 miles
Group 4-6 miles
Group 5-8 miles

Tuesday: Practice at Ballard Park XC trail, 3:30... Be there, or be square!

Wednesday: Core workout #1
Groups 1,2, & 3- Rest
Group 4- 2 miles
Group 5- 3 miles

Thursday: Everyone does strength training #2
Group 1- 30 minutes
Group 2- 3 miles
Group 3- 4 miles
Group 4- 5 miles
Group 5- 7 miles

Friday: Everyone does core workout #1

Saturday: Children's Mansion 5K at the Mall in Tupelo.
Other option-
Group 1-30 minutes
Groups 2 & 3- 3 miles
Group 4- 3 mile tempo run
Group 5- 4 mile tempo run


  1. Mrs.Heather,I will admit I am not looking forword to 6 miles but I`ll do it any way...Are you running the Children`s Mansion?


  2. hi Mrs.Heather, This is Macain. I`m really looking forword to track tomorrow, bring on the soreness!!!