Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mansion 5K

Last Saturday several Spartans ran in the Mansion 5K in Tupelo. The race was early... TOO early! We started at 7:00 am in the mall parking lot. It couldn't have been a prettier morning to run, though!

Austin takes the lead right away...

And he finished first in 16:33... impressive for the off season!

Forrest was the first Spartan to cross... Good job, Forrest!

Clay set a PR in the race on Saturday, blowing his previous best out of the water! Way to go, Clay!

Olivia finishing strong

Look at this pack of Spartans- Way to run as a pack, guys! It turned into a good foot race at the end!

And on a special note... Amy Blassingame ran a 5K right at 40 minutes, and she got her first trophy! Spectacular, considering that Amy has not been running long AT ALL! WOO HOO!

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