Thursday, April 8, 2010


Running camp is going to be the first week of August. We have way past outgrown the Morris' cabin, so I have reserved a group camp facility for this time.

Camp will be at Shelby Forest in Millington, TN. You can check out the link for some information on the facilities.

This camp, although a little rustic (which builds character!), is going to be perfect for our situation. There are two bunkhouses and a large dining hall with industrial kitchen. Best of all, there are miles and miles of trails to run!

I have debated and debated as to how this week should be done... I believe we are going to split the week again... Boys one half and girls the other. This will allow for a smaller group setting and closer bonding within the teams. Some BMC runners are going to attend as "counselors," but I would like as many parents to attend as possible. I know this runs into problems with some families having girls and boys... if you would be willing to come and stay for part of the week or the whole week (even if it might mean having a few boys at the girls camp, etc.), please let me know ASAP. David Minnis has volunteered to come for the boys' half, and I would LOVE it if at least one more dad could attend.

I am estimating the cost to be about $75. This will include food, lodging, supplies, a water bottle (those were a hit last year!), and possibly a special camp t-shirt. Parents will not need to pay the full price, but maybe a little bit to go towards food would help.

If anyone would like to go ahead and volunteer to be my kitchen manager for part of the week or the entire week, you will be my favorite person forever and ever! :) Just kidding, but I could use help in meal planning, grocery shopping, etc.

If you are planning on having runners attend camp, I would like a deposit of $40 by the first week of May. If this is not possible, please contact me. The remainder of the fee will be due By the first of July.

I hope we have a great group this year- last year was a blast, and it really helped the team!

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