Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10-15

Easy Week! This is going to be a back off week, b/c I know we have had some over-training going on. For those of you who ran 3 races last week, you even have my permission to take the week off.

Everyone gets a break from full strength training. However, I would like you to do push ups and crunches 3x this week.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: PRACTICE AT NA PARK ALONG THE RIVER. We will have a LIGHT day of running and have some fun at the playground or doing crochet/crafts under the pavillion. Bring a ball, frisbee, craft, or whatever for when we finish our group run.
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Everyone 30 minutes
Friday: off
Saturday: Long run, depending on where you are... 3-5 miles.

If you want a summer training manual in hard copy form, email me or tell me at practice tomorrow, and I will get you one next week. I will not require any practices over the summer. I will let you know the locations of my BMC runs, and you are welcome to come run with us. We have runs scheduled in a lot of different locations on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week. I WILL BE RUNNING WITH THE GROUP AT THESE PRACTICES, so moms of younger or slower runners will need to stay.

Also, if you are interested in a service project for your children, I will be doing a LOT of work on our BMC cross country course this summer. We will be building bridges, cutting limbs, and doing a LOT of raking. If you ever want to help, let me know... I will be there a few days each week.


  1. What is for this week?

  2. What is for Today,May 17??????